Cherry Banana Juice – German KiBa

KiBa Cherry Banana Juice

If the thought of banana juice doesn’t exactly make your mouth water, don’t worry! This drink is absolutely delicious and perfect for any age and any occasion! In Germany, KiBa (pronounced Key-Bar with a silent “r”; it comes from Kirsch-Banane, which means cherry-banana) is a popular non-alcoholic drink that can even be ordered in restaurants and bars. It is generally served in a tall glass with a straw and tastes best cold, but without ice.

In the US you can find cherry juice just about anywhere and banana juice in high-end grocery stores or online. Tart cherry juice is fine (it won’t taste sour, I promise). Since you generally need more banana than cherry juice, get 2 containers for every 1 container of cherry juice. The fun thing about KiBa is that the two juices don’t completely mix (unless you stir), so that the drink has a neat yellow-pink swirly appearance.

Tip: Use KiBa to demonstrate the concept of diffusion to children.

Banana JuiceWhat you need:

  • Banana Juice
  • Cherry Juice (Tart)
  • Drinking Straw


  • Take a tall glass and fill about 1/2 to 2/3 with banana juice. I personally prefer it when it’s closer to 2/3.
  • Slowly add the cherry juice until the glass is full. Add a drinking straw and don’t stir.

Cherry - Banana Juice